Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent Ramblings

The last two weeks have been rather bird-less, and I have only succeeded in adding 3 new species my SWSA list.

Though they are a fairly respectable 3, or 2 at least.

Last week my run began innocently enough; I was running an easy six mile loop, when a terrific harrumphing broke the silence of snowfall. Four Wild Turkeys flew over my head, then immediately plummeted onto a cornfield, having apparently exceeded there daily allowance of flying.

A couple days later I was running a 12 mile loop when a I saw a Crow. A very large Crow, that somehow seemed to resemble a Frittilary. Maybe it was a new species of Frittillary. "Much Greater Frittillary Speyeria muchgreaternus.


It came closer and turned into a Short-eared Owl.

A few day later I had just begun running when I came across a spruce not only covered with cones, but also with pink furry lumps: White-winged Crossbills.

SWSA Totals: Miles run: 240
Species seen: 40
(not a very good ratio.)

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