Sunday, January 2, 2011

Afternoon Run

Having stayed up until four am on New Years Eve/New Years night, I slept in far too much to make my first run of the year yesterday. On top of that, this morning I completely slept through 2 and 1/2 hours of my alarm continually going off. (needless to say, that woke everybody else up) That left only one option - run in the afternoon. The birds of course are better in the morning and that is when I always run, so I was dreading every part of having to go out in the afternoon.
When I finally get running, it was clear I'd made some mistakes. One was having brand new, not broken in running shoes. I should have just run in my old ones. Another mistake was having relied on this morning's temperature for how to dress and disregarding the fact that a major cold front came in this afternoon. And finally forgetting to put on my sunglasses when the sun was at the same level of my eyes was and major goof. So five minutes into my first run of the year I was mentally cussing out the idea.
Without my camera I felt totally useless and the few birds I saw where far more in the open and cooperative than they ever are when I carry my camera. Eh well. Overall, the birding wasn't too great - only ten species total and none worth mentioning besides the cooper's hawk that was perched right above the path I was running on. But it was a good start and the home-made oatmeal rasin cookies I'm eating right now while I right this make it totally worth it.

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