Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pulling Ahead Of Welch

Today I pulled ahead of Welch by a single species.  For the past few days, Welch has been on a forced running break, doctor's orders.  He is still paying for his sledding escapades.

Summarizing my recent runs:  On a 5.5 mile run in Lyons on the 18th, I got two new SWSA species - American Goldfinch (finally) and Northern Harrier.  Then on a 3.6 mile run in my neighborhood yesterday I got another two SWSA species - a Canyon Wren and a White-breasted Nuthatch - tying me with Welch.  Today on a 4 mile run in my neighborhood, I got a single new SWSA species - a couple of calling Clark's Nutcrackers.
2011 SWSA Totals
Species = 43
Miles Run = 48.82

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