Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bountiful Buntings

Snow Bunting © 2011 Harold Eyster

It was snowing wildly; big silky flakes turned the air into a white commotion. I was running on a lonely dirt road. As I came upon a mass of brush, I started pishing.

Immediately a kestrel serenely cruised above my head, igniting movement in the surrounding shrubbery. The Bushes became alive with chattering American Tree Sparrows and White-crowned Sparrows. Continuing, I spotted a flock of Robins and Bluebirds gorging themselves on a crabapple tree. Suddenly, out of the blue, or rather, gray, I heard the unmistakable chatter of Snow Buntings. I looked up and saw nearly 40 silhouettes against the sky. My reverie was abruptly broken when I stepped into a puddle, soaking my shoe. I looked up again and they were gone. I finished off my 7 mile run with a small mixed flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets and Brown Creepers.

SWSA Totals: 27 species, 52 miles

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