Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pain and torture.

so. yesterday was my first daylight AND outdoor run since, like...Christmas. I still haven't quite gotten used to my calves dying before my quads even start to complain, but -- this will give me a head start for when the roads dry off enough to bike. On a sad note, the snow is pretty much off the roads, which means I can't leave more mysterious five finger tracks around my neighborhood. (The highlight of my life, pretty much, was when a friend of my mom worriedly asked her about these strange footprints she'd seen in the cemetery; I'm proud to be responsible.)

Anyway, on to the good stuff: I didn't really get anything unusual, and having the dog along didn't really help matters, but my measly 18 species were all new.

Oh. And do you ever wonder if orzo would look like maggots if you threw it up?

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