Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tejano Trudge

I went running this morning, and it reminded me that there's a blog that I'm supposed to be writing on. So here I am. I've only run twice in the past 5 weeks, mostly due to a large amount of time spent in Texas and getting my wisdom teeth taken out, which made moving from the couch unadvisable for a few days. This morning's run was completely uneventful except for one new SWSA bird, the belted kingfisher.

I was only stupid enough to go running once while I was in Texas. It was hot and during Camp Tejano itself there was no time to go running. While I was staying with my grandparents afterwards it was hot and humid, but there was plenty of time. I headed out to Emma Long Metropolitan park with my grandparents. I ran and birded while my grandparents sat in the shade, drank coffee, and ate banana bread. I found 35 species in the park while running and 12 new SWSA birds. Scissor-tailed flycatchers and black-crested titmice were everywhere. I didn't run for long because it was already 95 degrees in the shade (it got up to 106 in the shade that day). I was also just being wimpy and sitting under a tree eating homemade banana bread while listening to western kingbirds sounded better to me than running.