Friday, January 7, 2011

Almost Abysmal

After three days of having one of the worst sore throats in my life, I finally made it out to go running again today. The only problem is that as soon as I feel fine, the weather decides that it hates all living creatures. The snow was coming down fairly hard the whole run, and there was lots of ice on the partially cleared roads. By halfway through the run, my shoes were soaked.

I almost made it all the way to robotics class by the time something happened. You see, I was going running to robotics class a very roundabout way because it's too close for a real run if you go strait. Thankfully nobody there minds if I'm all nasty looking when I come. But the point is I was almost done when, oh snap, some black ice decides to get right in my path. Up to this point I never thought that birds had a sense of humor, but as I sat there for a few seconds on the ground all the chickadees and titmice in the whole area came to laugh at me. I saw at least 15 individual birds in just those five seconds alone. Even one vulture decided to circle overhead at that moment just to see if I was dead yet. I ended with just 3 species.

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