Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feels like -7

You know how has that stupid feature under the temperature that says "feels like ____"?

Well, this morning, said it was -7; apparently, it felt like -7, too.


What, exactly, does -7 feel like? Nothing, really; it's too cold to feel your extremities. The spit and snot that spray onto your face crystallizes instantly, your hands go stiffer and colder than clavengers, and your fivefinger-clad feet suffer first-degree frostbite. Well, at least mine did.

It was the most unpleasant five miles I've run in quite awhile. Two new SWSA birds--Golden-crowned Kinglet and Red-bellied Woodpecker--were the only things motivating me to get back to my warm dorm. If I hadn't seen them, I probably would have collapsed in a snowdrift and died.

Instead, I took Pink Floyd's advice to Run Like Hell and polished off those five miles five minutes faster than I usually do.

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