Monday, May 23, 2011

No school + Migration = Running

School is officially done for the year for me and I'm so relieved that I can't stop rubbing it in everybody face. I decided to celebrate not having to wake up early and do school with waking up early and going running/birding. I've been operating off mostly sugar and lack of sleep the for past month. As Delmi can attest, I get extremely talkative and hyper without enough sleep. I started off down the nature path close to my house, which has been getting a surprisingly good migration the past few days. Almost immediately I mopped up most of the common warblers that were not on my SWSA list because of my sad lack of running during the migration.
Soon I had three vireos, nine warblers, two flycatchers, and one cuckoo among other birds. Tomorrow I'll be heading out to the country to run around some flooded fields, so hopefully I will get some shorebirds, ducks, and the second county record of a Wilson's Phalarope.

New SWSA birds = 15
SWSA total = 137

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