Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gnats Beware, They're Back!

I glanced out the window, rain poured down in sheets of cold iron.
I continued with my homework. On next looking out the window, I saw that the sky had cleared, and the sun now shone brightly, its rays leaving a evanescent sparkle on the grass. I laced my shoes and was off, running down the Waterloo-Pinkney trail. I was immediately gratified to hear the first Yellow Warbler of the year,
soon joined by the first Black-and-white Warbler and numerous Palm Warblers. Spring seems to have taken its time arriving this year. Trees are still bare, except for the occasional non-native not adapted to this environment.
I saw the occasional Hepatica blooming along the trail and brightening the brown earth with its brilliance.
A soft defiant "Pheeshz!" made me look up. A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher dove at an invisible insect, while Towhees and Swamp Sparrows called from the distance.

Checking my list after returning home, I noticed that i'd finally passed the century mark! Coming at 106 species.

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